Important Links


Virtual Medical CentreGeneral health information

Heart FoundationInformation on your heart, including cholesterol.

National AsthmaInformation site for asthma.

Diabetes WAInformation site for diabetes.

Parkinsons WAInformation site for Parkinson’s disease.

BirthPregnancy / Birth Issues

Cancer CouncilCancer council website.

Prostate CancerProstate Cancer Foundation of Australia.


Beyond BlueThe national depression initiative. Information on depression and related conditions.

Black Dog InstituteDepression website

DepnetA website for information on depression for sufferers and their families. Useful information and support.

PANDAPostnatal depression.


Medicare Online Register your bank details to receive your rebate faster


Andrology AustraliaResource site on Men’s Sexual Health including, ED, androgen deficiency, infertility, testicular cancer, prostate diseases.

Family Planning WAAnother excellent site from our local family planning centre with masses of useful info on contraception, safe sex, STI and unplanned pregnancy.

Integrated Sexual HealthIntegrated Sexual Health offers a full sexual health service.

Relationships AustraliaCore site for relationship issues. Information, links and local courses etc on all aspects of relationship difficulties.